Some Favorite Links:


  •  A Local Business Making a Positive Difference in the Community:

  • A local resource for organic produce, CSA options, and other products:


  • Timeout4me Premium Bath & Beauty Products -- Healthy, Natural & Wonderful Creations!


  • Michelle's Favorite Photographer:

  • AWESOME, DELICOUS VEGAN Food Truck based out of NYC/NJ, Catering Service, and More!  

I also recomend the owner, Adam Sobel's, new and amazing cook book:





  • Amma -- A Wonderful Humanitarian:

  • GREAT Article About Core Shamanic Healing/Counseling in Prevention Magazine:

  • Pow Wow Schedules/Native Products:

  • Basic Power Animal Information:

  • More info on Shamanic Healing and Counseling:

  • More info about soul retrievals:

  • The Daily Om:

  • Dot Walsh -- A Great Author & Her Inspirational Book: :

  • Light a Candle/Gratitude Website:

  • A TERRIFIC solution for office chairs:

  • Michelle's Favorite Artist:

  • Brilliant Business Owner & Her Website -- Filled With Helpful Options for Real Estate Solutions:


  • Affordable CPR and First Aid Classes for Professionals:

  • Tutoring Company Working With Teachers:

  • Addiction Support:

  • Family Addiction Support & Info:

  • Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Atlanta:

  • Alternative Health Resource:

  • Alternative Medicine Directory:

  • Alternative Health Directory:

  • New England Reiki Directory:

  • Health Info/Cancer Prevention: 

  • Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network:

  • Great Natural Health Products:


Read The American Psyche in Search of its Soul, by Dr. Andrew Cort, DC, JD