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Harmony Way May, 2021 Newsletter

Harmony Way

May, 2021 Newsletter

By: Michelle Caron, Owner of Harmony Way in

Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA

Welcome to the May, 2021 Harmony Way Newsletter!

Is it already May?! Oh, my! Something happens to me after daylight savings time begins that makes it seem like time is moving even faster than it usually does! With all of the springtime activity of life (and a large garden to tend, in my case), it is extra important to SLOW DOWN each day at some point to make time to enjoy and appreciate life and its many small, miraculous moments.

Wishing you a beautiful May filled with flowers, love and laughter! I hope you enjoy the activities, recipes, workouts and articles that I have shared with you this month. To all of the mothers/grandmothers, ancestral grandmothers, those who are dog/cat/pet moms, aunties, Godmothers, those who could not conceive or who lost a child, foster and adoptive moms or those who are like a parent to someone or who identify as a mother in some way, you are so deeply loved and appreciated! 💖


You can also check out the CALENDAR page on this website for upcoming events/classes/workshops.


Pre-Registration Necessary You'll also need the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to participate with video.

It's free and simple to install/use.

Virtual Home & Family Herbal Training Program

(Only for those currently enrolled as students)

More information about this program is here:

Current program's classes began virtually in March, 2021 and will continue through December, 2021.

Current Students: Please see your schedule and monthly reminder emails for dates/times and Zoom links for our classes. Looking forward to seeing you at our next class meeting! You will continue to receive monthly updates/reminders.

If you are interested in this program, enrollment for the 2022 class will open in March of next year. Thank you!

Core Shamanic Healing & Counseling Classes, Years 1, 2, & 3:

(Only for those currently enrolled as students)

More information about this training program (and its available scholarship) is here:

Classes for all current years of training began in September

(virtually, due to Covid-19).

Deadline for application for 2021 year one VIRTUAL class

(and scholarship application):

July 1st, 2021.

Next year one class begins in September, 2021.

*Two need-based, fully-paid scholarships are now available EXCLUSIVELY for the

BIPOC/AAPI Community!*

Current Students: Please see the email you received and monthly reminder emails with all meetings times/dates/policies/links. Looking forward to seeing you at our next class meeting!

Current students will continue to receive emailed updates about meetings and how classes will work each month.

Wishing you a healthy, happy month!

This Month's Exercise Demos:

Fast Paced Walking Workout

(From: Reps to the Rhythm)

(From: Tracy Steen)

Above are two fun, faster-paced workouts. The walking workout is very low impact. The HIIT workout has a more impact, but is also doing more than a simple walking workout. It is a great idea to change up your workout routines with whatever you enjoy, so your body continues to feel challenged.

Always check in with your medical health provider for advice before starting a new workout program, being mindful of any existing conditions or injuries that you have, bringing these up with a medical professional prior to trying any workout routine.

This Month's Wellness Articles:

(From: NIH)

(From: IDEAFit)

The above articles contain new evidence-based research information about health issues, as always on this blog. There is SO MUCH we can do to prevent many of the above obstacles in life as we age with diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. I encourage you to continue to educate yourself with evidence-based data and to incorporate practices that work for you and for your own unique needs. I also offer private client sessions for those looking to find support or advice in order to make healthy lifestyle changes or to get holistic health/nutrition or herbal consultations/recommendations.

This Month's Yummy Recipe Links:

(From: Sweet Potato Soul)

GF, Vegan, Nut-Free

(From: Feasting at Home)

Grain-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Do you like sweet potatoes? (I LOVE THEM!) Do you like cookies? (I LOVE THOSE AS WELL!) Then, this easy cookie recipe is a great one. The sugars in it can be adjusted to be more whole food oriented or lower glycemic (and remember, ANY sweetener should only be enjoyed in small amounts), as well as for your personal preferences, since sweet potatoes already taste great as a replacement for more sugary snacks without needing much added to them.

If you are trying to incorporate more veggies and/or fruits, especially greens, then above you will find 40 different options to inspire you! Did you know that the World Health Organization now recommends that adults eat 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables to help prevent cancer/inflammatory diseases and to eat enough fiber to keep our digestive tracts healthy? Are you eating enough greens and veggies? Most people are not.

If you try any of the above tasty recipes, I hope you enjoy them!

PS YOU ARE ENOUGH...and actually way more than enough!

(Just the way you are, right now, today and every day...

you are enough.)


Copyright © *2021* *Harmony Way* All rights reserved.

Harmony Way Newsletter

Our mailing address is: Wilbraham, MA 01095


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