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Harmony Way is currently only working with clients/students virtually for your safety. We are working this way with ALL clients/students and continue to be open during our regular business hours.

All of our services are appropriate for distance appointments and can be paid for via check, Venmo, Paypal, credit or debit. 


Live, virtual $5 fitness classes 

(M-W-F at 10:00 AM gentle yoga classes and 11:00 AM M-W-F for Zumba classes) are available if you register in advance and are payable by check, Venmo or PayPal.  Please contact Michelle and see her Venmo (MichelleCaron-HarmonyWay) or the PayPal page of this website, located here if you would like to pay online. Thank you very much!  We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you continued vibrant health!