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Reiki Treatment

Traditional Usui Reiki

Training Programs

     There are over 250 different types of Reiki currently being utilized in the world.  Usui Reiki (also known as The Usui System of Natural Healing) was the first, original Reiki established by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.  Reiki training classes at the levels of Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki at the Master or Master-Teacher levels are typically set up at Harmony Way as there is an interest.  Classes are currently virtual learning only, due to the pandemic.  Prices are sliding scale and vary, depending upon the level of Reiki training and how many students are signed up for a class at one time.


     Reiki training sessions can be arranged privately for small groups or individual lessons.  You may also check the monthly e-newsletter listed on our blog page for details about upcoming training classes.  Reiki at the Master or Master-Teacher level is always taught through private lessons only, followed by individual apprenticeship/mentoring as needed for that student's learning.

     Reiki instruction involves learning, practice, assessments, ethics concepts, discussion and application of what is learned to one's own life.  There is an attunement process involved, as well as formal classroom time and homework.  Each student and class will vary somewhat.  Students receive certificates of completion at the end of their trainings/attunements and after following the necessary practice times after Reiki II and the Master/Master-Teacher levels.

If you are interested in learning Usui Reiki, please contact us.

Usui Reiki Levels:

-Usui Reiki I teaches the simple basics, philosophies, background, history and self-practice only of this healing modality.  This is often the fastest of all levels to learn, since it is essentially beginner's level Reiki. 

-Usui Reiki II teaches the next level, working more on healing our own pasts/traumas and elements of our lives/relationships/homes, using Reiki to clear spaces and objects, as well as working with special populations, such as babies/animals/hospice situations and clients, along with more in-depth and esoteric topics and learning to safely and effectively work with clients in a professional atmosphere.  There is a mandatory six-month practice period (after finishing the training and being attuned at this level) with the instructor mentoring and guiding, based upon updates from students and sometimes observations, before Reiki II students can gain the formal title of "Usui Reiki Practitioner" to work with clients or as a volunteer in a hospital or hospice care facility.  This level takes more time to learn and practice, as it covers many more areas of education and specialized situations than Reiki at the first level.

-Usui Reiki at the Master/Master-Teacher Level instructs those who are already applying Reiki I and II to all aspects of their lives as practitioners (having completed Reiki II as a full practitioner one year or more prior), utilizing their knowledge and application of Reiki principles, ethics and learning concepts, along with further deepening their practice and esoteric/spiritual/intuitive understanding, taking it to the next level and viewing themselves as life-long students of Reiki from this point on, with the education, experience and potential to teach and attune their own students in the future after one year of mandatory practice/mentoring from their instructor and initial approval at the time of being issued the Reiki Master certificate.  This level is usually only completed by those who wish to teach their own students of Usui Reiki in the future.

Your instructor for these educational programs, Michelle Caron, RMT (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher), is part of the original Usui Reiki lineage and training, going back to Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan during the 1800's, as well as those who initially brought this transformational form of healing to the United States.

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