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Core Shamanic Training Program

This training program has transitioned to be entirely virtual.

     There is currently a small group of students training in Drug-Free Core Shamanic Healing, Counseling and Divination one Saturday morning or afternoon per month at Harmony Way.  There will be opportunities to join a class each September (*applications due by July 1st each year), when we begin a new program of year one students.  There is the option to complete one, two or three full years of training.  Please scroll down for application instructions and all other details about the program.  

    Harmony Way is grateful to be able to offer shamanic training in a group setting that will instruct students about the most commonly practiced core shamanic healing techniques from around the world, while learning to connect with the Earth, its many energies and spirits on a deeper level, and our own helping spirits. This is a beautiful, judgement-free community of people learning and sharing together with open hearts and minds in circle, supporting each other and practicing what they learn with each other. You will be safe among friends. What is shared in circle will stay in circle. This program is transformational and will help you to become more self aware, as well as more aware of and in tune with the natural world around you and your innate intuitive abilities.

Some of the areas of learning within this program of study:

-Meeting and working with power animals, as well as teachers/angels/deceased loved ones/ancestor spirits, 

-Deepening intuition,

-Energetic extraction, 

-Word "doctoring,"

-Heart-centered listening and speaking in a supportive circle of people,

-Cord cutting,

-Working with the spirits of place/nature,

-"Psychopomp" (the process of helping the dead and dying to cross over and to rid places of unwanted "stuck" spirits and energies and helping lost soul parts to heal and return),

-Soul retrieval and power animal retrieval,

-Dream interpretation,

-Shamanic divination and reading signs in nature,

-Connecting more deeply with the Earth, its spirits of place, its elements and energies, and using those for healing and transformation, and to help the plants and animals who live here,

-Eliminating/overcoming the ego as much as possible to work from the heart,

-Living from and seeing with the heart and spirit,

-Living in harmony with the seasons,

-Applying core shamanic practices to birth and hospice situations,

-What cultural appropriation is and how to avoid it,

-Mandated reporting (what it is/how to report incidents),

-Setting healthy boundaries with clients,

-Healing ancestral/generational trauma,

-How to work as a team for client healing with licensed mental health/medical professionals

...and many other areas of study as well.


     These are just a few of the areas that you will learn about as you study and practice within this experiential/non-academic program in the amazingly supportive atmosphere of your circle of fellow students. There will be homework for every session as well. But, it will be FUN homework!  Please note that this course requires a commitment to attend, as well as to your growth, healing, and development and will not be a "drop-in" environment.  If one has more than two misses, that student will be asked to leave or re-join the following year's class.  You will be required to complete your homework and to come prepared to learn for every class meeting. 


Cost of program:

     This is going to be a low sliding-scale for everyone. Each three-hour session will cost $55-$70.  Pay based on the value you are putting on this class and what is affordable for you on that scale. If the cost is too much of a hardship for anyone, please let us know, so we can figure something out that will make this affordable for you, even if it means bartering, gifting or work for learning exchange. We want this to be affordable and accessible for everyone who needs it.  If you can prove financial hardship, we will make it work for you.

     We will spend some time outdoors (weather permitting) during most classes as well. Students should dress appropriately with proper outerwear and footwear for their area/weather when there are outdoor activities.


     *Currently NOT taking applications for this class*  

*We now offer this training virtually for the safety and health of our students.



Please complete all of the essay application questions contained within this application PDF:


*A limited amount of financial-need-based, tuition waivers are now available exclusively for the BIPOC/AAPI communities.

Please see application PDF for details and how to apply.*  

     If you are selected from the pool of applicants to be a student in this program, you will be contacted during the month of July with more information, policies, the full year-long schedule of class meeting dates and times (one Saturday morning or afternoon per month), and directions/instructions for the first session.

     You can reach Michelle Caron of Harmony Way via email to submit your application: or her website: or via phone with questions: 413-636-2475

The world needs this work more now than ever.

Core Shamanic Training
What People Are Saying:


"You are an amazing teacher!"

"I just wanted to say thanks for another amazing class! Every class I leave more amazed and in awe of what is possible. I really enjoyed learning with you and everyone, as I always do! Thanks for taking your Saturday to sit and teach with us. I can't wait for next month and to continuing to practice everything you have shown us!"   

  "Just wanted to take a moment to give a big thank you to Michelle for all the hard work she is doing to teach us. She's like a one woman whirlwind keeping all this going with classes, scheduling, yummy food!!! (always a favorite), and everything else.  I can also say, I can't emphasize enough the positive impact she has had on my life over the last few years and how appreciative I am for all the good folks of our circle."

    "Hi Michelle, I felt the need to thank you again for everything you do.  You have helped me heal and begin a journey that I'm not sure I could have done without you.  I feel myself transforming and am starting to actually love myself, let go of fear and anxiety, and be free from substance dependency -- something I haven't done in a loooonggg time.  Thank you thank you for being such an amazing teacher and positive influence for so many.  So thankful to be able to use the tools you have shown me.  xoxo"

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