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Fitness & Wellness Services

Services and classes are being offered virtually at this time for your safety.  Thank you.

For the current virtual fitness class schedule, please check here.

Holistic Health Coaching: 

By Appointment Only

Dietary/Nutritional, fitness/exercise counseling/coaching, stress management, herbal assistance for any imbalances and more are incorporated into personalized holistic health coaching.  If you feel ready to make positive, permanent changes to your daily habits for your health, holistic coaching takes the whole person into consideration in a personalized way for the individual's needs. 

Limited availability for one-hour sessions by appointment (sliding scale $50-80 for the hour session, scale starts lower with proof of financial hardship and for veterans). 

Also, see the herbal/holistic health coaching/consultation on the alternative healing services page for details on private half-hour appointments.

Zumba®:  “Come join the party with Zumba®!”  Dance with us in a judgement-free, supportive, party zone for this fun, easy-to-learn form of aerobic interval training exercise that is based on Latin-style ballroom and world dance, using world music.  If you love to dance and move to a great beat, you will also love Zumba®.  

Zumba® Classes Currently Offered by Michelle:


Drop-in classes cost $5 each.  Please see fitness class schedule page for all fitness classes.

For More Information About Michelle's Zumba Fitness®Classes:

Please go to Michelle's Zumba® page for more information about classes at:  for class times/location map/directions or see our Fitness Class Schedule page on this site.  


Senior/Gentle Yoga:  This is a gentle Yoga class geared towards those with injuries and seniors.  Learn gentle ways to move, breathe, and meditate, while potentially healing your body and improving balance, coordination, and flexibility.  

Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga:  Learn gentle ways to move, breathe, and meditate with Yoga. Currently, we are teaching private lessons and small group sessions.  We recommend checking in with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Please contact us for more information and pricing for individual or small group packages.  Please see Fitness Class Schedule page for all current classes.


Children’s Yoga:  Please contact us if you are interested in setting up small group/classroom children's Yoga classes or for a birthday party.

Private/Small Group Fitness and Yoga Classes: 

By Arrangement & Limited Availability

Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a private or small class.


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