About Michelle Caron


     Michelle Caron, RMT, CYT, ZIN, owner of Harmony Way, creator of The H.E.A.R.T. Program® and popular holistic health professional, started her career as an inner-city secondary school teacher.  While she loved what she did for ten years, making a positive difference in education, she noticed that there were many students, teachers and families that faced extreme stress or trauma and were in great need of health education and more easily accessible and affordable forms of mindfulness training and holistic healing.  Michelle deeply understood the needs of her community, especially as she had been diagnosed and struggled with multiple autoimmune diseases that worsened significantly during stressful times.  Today, Michelle is symptom-free and helping others to feel healthier and happier and to lead more empowered lives.  When she founded Harmony Way in 2009, she had no idea how far her journey would take her.  She created the first comprehensive holistic health education program of its kind, which is inclusively geared to all audiences with approachable language.  Michelle continues to enthusiastically work with individual clients and groups that are looking to better themselves and to increase the well-being of themselves and their families.  She loves teaching others and helping them to feel empowered about their health.

     In addition to her background as a veteran educator and over 20 years of combined research, learning, personal and professional experience in holistic, nutritional and herbal health, Michelle is an honors graduate of Boston College who enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for learning and wellness with others.  She is an accomplished Shamanic Practitioner and Counselor who graduated from an intensive three-year core shamanic training program at Spirit Hollow.  She is also a fully certified, traditional Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, legally ordained Interfaith Minister, an experienced Holistic Health/Wellness Coach and Community Herbalist, with her teachers including Rosemary Gladstar, 7Song and Rosalee de la Forêt, with her initial training completed through Sage Mountain's The Science & Art of Herbalism program.  Michelle is also a certified Group Exercise and Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Instructor (trained initially in a traditional Hatha 300-hour program and then again trained and certified through an additional Hatha/Ashtanga program), a licensed Zumba Instructor and Meditation Teacher. 

     Michelle has additionally studied other healing modalities, including EFT, NLP, and Guided Meditation.  She strives to continually make a positive difference by giving back in the community, to empower others and to help them to be in peak health of body, mind and spirit.  An award-winning business owner, coach and educator, she has worked with all ages and backgrounds and does everything possible to make alternative healing, fitness/wellness, and educational services available to everyone from all walks of life, regardless of income.  

Languages Spoken:  English, French

Limited Proficiency:  Spanish, Italian, American Sign Language/Pidgin Sign English

Featured as a Stand-out Fitness Professional in IDEA Fitness Journal, 2017

Presenter at the 2017 Summer NOFA Conference

Presenter at the 2018 Valley VegFest

Presenter at 2019 HWRSD Scantic Valley Health Fair

Presenter at 2019, 2020 Scantic Valley YMCA Interactive Health Fair

Member of:  

ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) 


Foundation for Shamanic Studies 

United Plant Savers