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Alternative Healing Services

*All services offered virtually

Usui Reiki:  

Sessions by Appointment Only 

Reiki has become a popular and more mainstream technique, due to how well it works.  Though there are now over 250 different styles of modern Reiki, this is a gentle and proven form of effective alternative healing that originated in Japan with the Usui Natural Method of Healing style.  Usui Reiki helps with healing literally every condition (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and assists with overall wellness, pain reduction and relaxation. We also offer other, similar forms of energy healing, which can additionally be included as part of the session for the same price.  This form of healing works wonderfully through virtual appointments (For some, it works even better virtually than in person, as they can experience Reiki from the comfort of their own bed.)  For more information about Reiki, please see the Harmony Way blog posts here and here.

*One-hour Private Reiki Session – sliding scale of $55-$80

(Scale starts lower for those who demonstrate severe financial need/are on assistance, retired seniors, students or veterans.)

Core Shamanic Healing and Counseling:  

Sessions by Appointment Only

The oldest form of healing on Earth, this is ancient, deeply transformational work involving counseling, shamanic journeying/meditation, connecting more deeply with nature and one’s own intuition, energy and sound healing, art, drumming and music and other techniques to bring about miraculous change and healing, empowerment, renewed vitality and inner harmony.  Some of the many techniques of core shamanic healing and counseling involve energetic extraction, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, dream interpretation, psychopomp, smudging/clearing, connection to guides/ancestors/power animals, divination, learning to journey , assistance with life transitions (such as birth, death, etc.) and more. This service can also be of great assistance with paranormal situations in the home, as well as healing generational trauma. 

Every individual case is unique, empowering, treated with compassion and respect and is often profoundly healing for the client.  For more information about shamanic healing, please see the Harmony Way blog post here.

*Individual Shamanic Healing and Counseling sessions are 2 hour appointments – on a sliding scale of $85-120 for the entire session. 

(Scale starts lower for those who demonstrate severe financial need/are on assistance, retired seniors, college students and veterans.  In certain extreme hardship cases, bartering/work exchange is also acceptable for those in need.)

Herbal Consultation & Holistic Health Coaching: 

Sessions by Appointment Only 

Not a substitute for medical care. 

This type of session involves consultation/advice/education, holistic health coaching and herbal  and nutritional recommendations for a variety of issues and concerns to bring balance back to the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  This is including, but not limited to, chronic or acute concerns, women's, men's, children's, seniors' and pets' issues, autoimmune diseases, common ailments, inflammation/aches/pains, Lyme disease/co-infections, candida, gut health, sleep, thyroid, fertility and adrenal issues, skin conditions and skin care, cold, allergy and flu prevention, prevention/management of/healing from Covid-19 with herbs/nutrition and many other areas of assistance.  Herbal consultations and holistic health coaching address the whole person and the root cause(s) of the health/wellness issue(s) involved.  A full medical history and intake questionnaire for holistic health assessment purposes is included as part of the initial session.

*Two hour individual, initial herbal and holistic health consultation 

sessions are available by appointment on a

sliding scale of $85-120 for the entire session

As-needed, follow-up sessions are often shorter and have a lower sliding scale.

(Scale starts lower for those demonstrating severe financial need/on assistance, retired seniors, students and for veterans.)

Reiki/Energy Healing for Pets:  

Sessions by Appointment Only

Did you know that pets typically respond to Reiki and other forms of energy healing even faster than their humans do?  This is particularly helpful for pain/inflammation issues, aging, emotional trauma, healing after surgery or illness, and for comfort as an animal passes on during the process of physical death/dying.  If you would like to schedule a Reiki/energy healing session for your dog, cat, horse, bird or other pet, please contact us for more information and for our affordable sliding scale rates.


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