About Us

     Harmony Way was opened in 2009 by Michelle Caron in the loving spirit of helping others to feel healthier, happier, and more successful and empowered in their own lives through a variety of modalities, always keeping education, accessibility, and affordability as key elements of the work that she does.  A primary goal of Harmony Way is to provide clients with a broader understanding of themselves, their health, and a more lasting sense of well-being.  Alternative and herbal healing, education, along with fitness instruction and coaching, each apply an individualized, client-centered approach that addresses the whole person, rather than simply his or her symptoms.  This is a unique methodology that works for everyone.  While we do not participate with health insurance, services are offered on an affordable sliding scale or at low-cost clinics.


     Harmony Way combines evidence-based research and science with the wisdom of ancient healing, taking advantage of the knowledge of several disciplines, including Reiki and energy healing, guided meditation, shamanic healing, psychology, spirituality and the individual’s own belief system, yoga and other fitness/wellness practices, and more.  What this means is that the client and practitioner work together to develop an integrated therapeutic approach that will best address the whole person.  Everyone is welcomed and accepted.  Each person’s unique needs and values are respected, fully appreciated, and incorporated into a customized plan with this type of work.  


We are located in Wilbraham, MA.


Harmony Way – Winner of the 

“Best of Business Award” several years in a row


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