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Educational & Group Services



Home & Family Herbal Training:

Are you looking for education to learn more about herbalism/plant remedies and medicines?  If so, please go to this page for all of the information about this virtual training program.  This course is suitable for complete beginners through intermediate/advanced level herbalists.  The course training page has all of the details about it.

Usui Reiki Training:  

You’ve tried Reiki and love it so much that you feel called to learn it.  Great!  Now what?  Classes for Usui Reiki I, II trainings are set up regularly as there is an interest.  Usui Reiki Master/Master-Teacher trainings are taught individually only, as this is traditional.   You can also set up private lessons anytime for your level of Reiki if a class is not currently scheduled.  You can learn this relaxing & ancient alternative healing art and apply it to your own life for an affordable price.  You can also sign up for private, hour-long Reiki sessions.  Please see this page to learn more about Reiki training classes.  Please see this page for more information about Reiki appointments.

Please check the calendar page or sign up for the newsletter for current class lists as they arise...or contact us for more information and rates if you would like to join or arrange a Reiki I or II class or have private lessons for Reiki I, II or the Master/Master-Teacher levels.


Shamanic Healing, Counseling, and Divination Training:  

You’ve tried Shamanic Healing, Counseling, and/or Divination, have learned how to do basic shamanic journeying, and love how much healing and positive change it has brought into your life.  Fantastic!  Now, what do you do if you are feeling called to study this form of healing intensely, so you can responsibly and safely learn to apply these techniques to others, becoming a Shamanic Practitioner?  It’s unique, fun, and will completely change your life in an amazing way – please see the Core Shamanic Training Page under Services to register for the next class of shamanism students.


Workshops/Classes/Private or Group Retreats:  

Harmony Way offers a wide array of wellness-oriented workshops and classes for individuals and groups.  Please check our website or blog site for upcoming programs or contact us to privately arrange the workshop or retreat of your choice for you or your group.  Yoga, meditation, and holistic health classes, workshops, and retreats currently available. Please contact us for more information about specific details of workshops/classes and pricing.

Professional Development and Corporate Wellness:  

If you are interested in a professional development or corporate wellness program for your school or business, we offer several options, including Yoga, Group X, Dance Fitness, Meditation, Stress Management, Leadership, Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness, Holistic Health, Tolerance, Support Groups, and Peace/Social Justice. Please contact us for more information and pricing.  

Drum Circles:  

Drum Circles provide valuable sound healing for groups, as well as important lessons in active listening and teamwork.  The bonus is that they are also lots of fun!  Please contact us for more information and pricing or to set up a drum circle at the location of your choice.  Instruments provided by Harmony Way or bring your own if you prefer.

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