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Covid-19 Guide and Support

In response to the novel coronavirus, I have compiled a helpful list of support for those looking for reliable information about how to stay safe and healthy, as well as many different options for activities and evidence-based data. Additionally, you will find two free video classes below that I added to YouTube over the past few weeks, which give advice about nutrition and herbal remedies and potentially preventive measures. I also included additional video resources below; though there are many more on my YouTube channel. Please see below for all of the links and videos. Thank you.

Links to Medical/Scientific Information:

Links to Herbal Information:

Links for Emotional Support:

Links to Activities for Families

Covid-19/Novel Coronavirus Herbal & Nutritional Classes Presented by Michelle Caron, Community Herbalist & Holistic Health Coach:

I hope you find the above resources to be helpful for you and your loved ones during this uniquely challenging time. Take care, be safe and wishing you continued good health!

With love and support,

Michelle Caron


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