Helping Children & Teens to Deal With Stress

Re-posted from Michelle's Weebly blog MICHELLE IS A FEATURED GUEST BLOGGER FOR APRIL AT MY TOWN TUTORS! YOU CAN READ THE BLOG HERE OR ON THEIR WEBSITE: MYTOWNTUTORS.COM Students have many causes of stress in their lives, some that we may not even realize. Aside from the usual homework and standardized tests that they contend with, nowadays many kids and teens are overbooked with extracurricular activities, like sports, work, and clubs at school. When you add that to the social issues they are dealing with, like peer pressure and their not always pleasant interactions with other students and even teachers, in addition to changing bodies and raging hormones, there is a lot of reason for stre

The Problem of Bullying

Re-posted from Michelle's Weebly blog Bullying affects everyone at some point. We can all remember either being bullied by someone, actually being the bully in a situation, or both. This is an issue that requires awareness and action. Silence or ignoring the problem only encourages bullying to continue. The movie that is being released about this issue will hopefully help to educate our global community more about prevention and how to deal with the problem. There are several excellent links at the end of this blog that may be helpful for you if you or someone you know is dealing with a bullying/abuse situation. The one key thing we must all remember about bullies of any age, gender, s

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