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Re-posted from Michelle's Weebly blog There has been a lot of news recently at Harmony Way! First, have you seen our new Flash website? Please go to: to see the new site. It's lovely and relaxing, if we don't say so ourselves. The new website is still the main site and is at the same address as it was previously, but now has a whole new look and feel. Check it out! Next, Harmony Way is now offering a FREE monthly health e-newsletter, available for all who want to receive interesting fitness and wellness articles about a wide array of topics, updates about workshops and other news at Harmony Way, delicious recipes, and amazing exercise videos and tips on

Book Recommendation & Champion of Peace

Re-posted from Michelle's Weebly blog Recently, my dear friend, Dot Walsh, gifted me a copy of her amazing new book,FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. Dot used to do counseling and chaplain work with inmates in the Massachusetts Corrections System. She also was a peace chaplain and program director at The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA for many years. Dot has worked with all kinds of people throughout her inspiring career and has truly been a champion for peace, human rights, and healing work as well. She walks an entirely peaceful, compassionate, enlightened way of life. She instantly makes everyone she meets feel loved, respected, and really heard in a heartfelt way. Several years ago, I ha

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