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Harmony Way March, 2021 Newsletter

Harmony Way Newsletter

By: Michelle Caron, Owner of Harmony Way in

Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA

Welcome to the March, 2021 Harmony Way Newsletter!

March in much of New England is not quite spring, but is still mostly winter. It is an in-between time of waiting and watching for the first signs of the warmth of the next season to finally arrive. Here, it often first appears in the form of melting snow/ice and mud. Next, the familiar cold-hardy "weeds" start to appear from underneath the melting snow. This time has a lot to teach us about ourselves.

As we prepare for the spring to arrive, we, too, should be working through any frozen or stagnant parts of ourselves left behind from the winter. This can come in the form of changing our dietary or exercise routines, going within to examine our emotional states or even doing some refreshing spring cleaning in our homes. All of these practices help us to be more open to and ready for the projects, joys and challenges that may arise as the seasons continue to progress, with the warmth of spring and summer bringing a flurry of activity into our lives.

Winter is a time of stillness. Spring is a time of growth and renewal. We can and should move from that stillness and from being focused on warmth, going within, feeling cozy and conserving our energy into removing anything that is stagnant to make room for a new season in March. This is a beautiful practice that aligns us with the Earth and its distinctive seasonal changes. However you may choose to honor the changing of the seasons from winter to spring, I am wishing you a beautiful, joyful March.


You can also check out the CALENDAR page on this website for upcoming events/classes/workshops.


Pre-Registration Necessary You'll also need the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to participate with video.

It's free and simple to install/use.

💕 Virtual Monthly Support Group for

Parents/Guardians of Children/Teens Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault/Abuse:

Free, anonymous support group specifically tailored for the parents/guardians of those who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault. Your children have their own important story to tell with their own personal trauma. However, how can parents and other caretakers better understand the trauma behaviors of their loved ones in the aftermath of this experience...and how can they process their own feelings of trauma, guilt, shame, regret, grief, anger, etc. while receiving support from others in a safe space, so they know they are not alone?

We meet one Saturday morning per month for one hour on a first-name-only basis via Zoom. Donations are welcome, but are entirely optional and NOT required. Parents/guardians from all family constellations are welcome.

Advance registration is necessary.

*This is NOT a substitute for therapy or other mental health treatment.*

Please get in touch if you are a parent/guardian who would like to join this support group.

Next Meeting: Saturday, March 27th, 10:00 AM EST

(via Zoom)

🌿Are you interested in learning more about herbalism?🌿


Michelle Caron (a highly trained, qualified community herbalist and teacher of herbalism) is now offering a 10-class, once monthly, virtual home herbalist training course, which begins this month. If you are interested in a program of study which centers around safely and effectively utilizing herbal remedies for home and family, please get in touch to register.

Please go HERE for full details about this program.

Registration Deadline: March 13th, 2021

First Class Begins: Saturday, March 20th, 9:00 AM (EST)

Core Shamanic Healing & Counseling Classes, Years 1, 2, & 3:

(Only for those currently enrolled as students)

Classes for all years of training began in September

(remotely for now).

Deadline for application for 2021 class: July 1st, 2021.

Next year one class begins in September, 2021.

Current Students: Please see the email you received and monthly reminder emails with all meetings times/dates/policies/links.

Current students will continue to receive emailed updates about meetings and how classes will work each month.

Upcoming Virtual Usui Reiki I training scheduled for:

Saturday, April 24th at 11:00 AM (EST)

This is a four-hour, online (on Zoom), one-day training for all of Usui Reiki at the first level, including attunement, handouts and certificate. Handouts and certificate will be

issued digitally by email.

Cost (Sliding Scale): $90-120 per person

(Scale starts lower for those who can prove serious financial hardship)

If you are interested in registering for this training,

please contact us. Registration opens April 1st, 2021.

For more information about the levels of traditional Usui Reiki/what is learned during trainings, please go here.

Wishing you a healthy, happy month!

This Month's Exercise Demos:

(From Move With Nicole)

(From POPSUGAR Fitness)

The two workout links listed above are toning-oriented, but also provide cardiovascular exercise. Each is 30 minutes long, which is recommended and can be ideal, especially if you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to working out right now. They are both appropriate for a variety of levels of fitness.

Always check in with your medical health provider for advice before starting a new workout program, being mindful of any existing conditions or injuries that you have, bringing these up with a medical professional prior to trying any workout routine.

This Month's Wellness Articles:

(From IDEAFit)

(From NIH)

The above articles are so useful, especially if you are attempting to find reasons to eat chocolate and/or need inspiration for how to meal plan for your family more effectively. Personally, I am always looking for more validation that dark chocolate is healthy in small amounts. It does have some measurable benefits when eaten in moderation. Additionally, getting kids and/or teens involved in meal planning and cooking is a wonderful practice that can also help finicky eaters to be more willing to try (and enjoy) what they have helped to choose and prepare. There are different approaches to eating a rainbow of healthy foods, while also making it fun.

This Month's Yummy Recipe Links:

(by Chocolate Covered Katie)

Vegan, Gluten-Free, no Corn Syrup/Refined Sugars, Nut-Free

(by Minimalist Baker)

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Fruit-Sweetened Only, Nut-Free

The above two recipes are delicious and classic comfort foods that can help us to transition from the richer foods of winter into the lighter fare of spring and summer. If you had a lot of candy or sweets last month or for part of this month, these choices can offer a lower glycemic, more nourishing, healthier transition away from those foods. I hope you enjoy these yummy recipes!

PS You are a BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE individual with many layers and special wisdom. Explore those layers in order to learn to love and appreciate the many aspects of who you are.

You are so very loved and appreciated by others, including me!


Copyright © *2021* *Harmony Way*, All rights reserved.

Harmony Way Newsletter

Our mailing address is: Wilbraham, MA 01095


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