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What Type of Exercise is Best?

Boot Camp

Re-posted from Michelle's Weebly blog

Most doctors recommend interval cardio training as the best way to strengthen cardiac fitness and overall health. Aside from the fact that regular exercise keeps us healthy and helps us to banish stress, boosting our mood, this type of workout can also be great fun. It builds muscle strength, flexibility, and bone mass and burns more calories than the average workout, too, which will assist with shedding unwanted fat. It can also help with circulation issues, lowering cholesterol (by increasing the "good" cholesterol or HDL), and with decreasing pain associated with arthritis. Simply put, interval cardio training is something that will increase the quality of life and improve overall health and well being for those who practice it regularly. It could also help to extend life expectancy. Anyone can participate, meaning all levels of fitness and all ages and abilities, even those with prior injuries. Make sure you speak with your doctor to determine the best exercise plan for your own unique needs. This highly effective type of exercise can come in many forms, but generally is at least a half hour per session and involves bringing the heart rate up to its maximum rate (or close to its maximum rate), followed by bringing the heart rate down somewhat, and then repeating this process during a workout. There are many ways to go about doing this, depending upon which type of interval cardio you and your doctor decide is right for you. During this type of exercise, you should feel your heart rate increasing and should be sweating and breathing more deeply. While participating in this type of fitness activity, typically, one should be able to talk on and off comfortably, but not be able to shout or sing or to do other things requiring more energy and air. The focus should be on self-awareness, proper form, and breathing while participating in this type of exercise. There are so many options for this type of workout. They mainly involve some component of higher impact and/or intensity aerobic exercise coupled with lower impact and/or intensity, more anaerobic activity. Various types of aerobics, step, dance fitness, aqua exercise, cross-fit, power yoga, and other types of classes can help you to achieve your interval cardio training and fitness goals while having fun. My personal favorite type of interval cardio workout is dance fitness, especially Zumba, as it has more of a party atmosphere and utilizes all sorts of world and popular music and dance along with great rhythms and lots of drums and percussion, which keeps me motivated to move. I also love yoga, as there is an added bonus of meditation and relaxation in most classes. To reap the benefits of interval cardio training, however, you don't have to sign up for any special type of class. If you are on a budget or prefer to go it alone after speaking with your doctor, you can do it yourself by switching off between walking briskly, jogging, and sprinting while you workout. You can also dance, stretch, and run or walk in place if you prefer. There are countless ways to keep this type of exercise fun, fresh, and working in the best way possible for your body and its needs. Good luck and happy exercising! If you have questions or for more information or to find a group exercise class that utilizes interval cardio training, please feel free to contact us or to visit our website at

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