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Harmony Way July, 2022 Newsletter

Harmony Way

July, 2022 Newsletter

By: Michelle Caron, Owner of Harmony Way in

Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA

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Welcome to the July, 2022 Harmony Way Newsletter!

July is a great time to slow down and enjoy summer before it's gone. There is so much to do outdoors for recreation, as well as many holiday events at this time of year. Through all of this, it's important to wear sunscreen (and tick protection!) if you are outside, remembering to stay hydrated.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen rapidly when we are dehydrated in hot weather. I recommend lots of water or iced herbal teas to help you stay cool. Whatever your plans are this month, here's hoping you can enjoy them in great health!


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Harmony Way Virtual Yoga & Zumba Fitness Classes

Pre-Registration Necessary

You'll also need the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to participate with video.

It's free and simple to install/use.

Virtual Class


***Applications for the next first year class (and need-based, BIPOCC/AAPI-only tuition waivers) of the Harmony Way Virtual Core Shamanic Healing and Counseling Training Program are due by July 1st!

If you feel called to this training course, it is the last opportunity to apply for this year.***

Harmony Way Virtual Home & Family Herbal Training Program

Harmony Way Virtual

Home & Family Herbal Training Program

*Prerequisite for

The Harmony Way Professional Herbalist Training Program*

More information about this program is here:

Over 60+ Hours of Herbal Education!

This program runs from March through December each year.

Harmony Way Virtual Professional Herbalist Training Program


The Harmony Way Virtual

Professional Herbalist Training Program

*Prerequisite: Harmony Way Home & Family

Herbal Training Program*

Over 350+ Hours of Professional Level,

Experiential Herbal Training!

Harmony Way Core Shamanic Healing and Counseling Training Program

Core Shamanic Healing & Counseling Classes:

More information about this training program

(and its need-based, BIPOC/AAPI scholarship) is here:

All years of classes for training begin in September


*Applications for the next first year class will be accepted until July 1st, 2022. Virtual class meetings begin again in September.

Herbal Tea

Wishing you a healthy, joyful month!

This Month's Exercise Demos:

Group Exercise Class

(From: Jessica Valant Pilates)

(From: POPSUGAR Fitness)

I love both Pilates and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for completely different reasons! Pilates is exceptionally great for toning and balance, including smaller muscles that are in harder to reach places. I often incorporate Pilates movements into my gentle yoga classes. HIIT is amazing for our heart health, endurance and for generally staying in excellent shape. I often include HIIT moves in my Zumba classes. Both types of workouts can be highly beneficial for those who can comfortably do what is required for these forms of exercise.

*Always check in with your medical health provider for advice and guidance before starting a new workout program, being mindful of any existing conditions or injuries that you have, discussing these with a qualified medical professional prior to trying any workout.

This Month's Wellness Articles:


(From: Johns Hopkins Medicine )

(From: Neuroscience News )

As an herbalist, I can say that many people in the US have an incorrect or incomplete idea about what herbalism is and is not. It is NOT a "magic pill" or a "quick fix." It is sometimes, but not always gentle in its effects. Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most common forms of health care on the planet. There are different types with varying (but often somewhat similar) philosophies around the world. Before deciding to take herbal remedies or "supplements," it is a wise idea to consult a professional herbalist for advice and guidance, to make sure that what you are doing is safe and in your best interest for your unique situation. Sometimes, lifestyle or nutritional changes will help even more impressively than taking a supplement. Other times, an herbal remedy is exactly what someone needs to feel more balanced.

Additionally, there have been many new discoveries recently surrounding Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. There are steps that can be taken at any age to protect brain health, regardless of family history, as well as new warning signs and markers that highlight a greater risk for both conditions. The other article shared above is one of many that have recently been released after long-term studies were completed.

This Month's Yummy Recipe Links:

Vegan Bolognese Sauce

(From: Minimalist Baker)

Gluten-Free, Vegan

(From: Cheap Lazy Vegan)

Vegan, Gluten-Free

If you enjoy carbs or just have some extra Farm CSA share potatoes lying around the kitchen this month, then why not make a spectacular potato salad with them? It's a perfect side dish for summer! Potatoes are also naturally gluten-free, for those of you in need of that option. They are also easy to come by and inexpensive. The above version is plant-based.

Do you like cheesecake? If you are not allergic to peanuts and enjoy the combination of chocolate + peanut butter, the above cheesecake recipe is probably a great choice to try! If you are allergic to peanuts, you could certainly substitute almond butter, sunflower seed butter or sesame tahini instead of something peanut-based. Those combinations are all yummy with chocolate, too (at least, in my personal experience and opinion). It's a wonderful chilled dessert for summer.

Spread Love

PS Any day can become a special adventure if you keep an open mind and heart.


Copyright © *2022* *Harmony Way* All rights reserved.

Harmony Way Newsletter

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