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Book Recommendation & Champion of Peace


Re-posted from Michelle's Weebly blog

Recently, my dear friend, Dot Walsh, gifted me a copy of her amazing new book,FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. Dot used to do counseling and chaplain work with inmates in the Massachusetts Corrections System. She also was a peace chaplain and program director at The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA for many years. Dot has worked with all kinds of people throughout her inspiring career and has truly been a champion for peace, human rights, and healing work as well. She walks an entirely peaceful, compassionate, enlightened way of life. She instantly makes everyone she meets feel loved, respected, and really heard in a heartfelt way. Several years ago, I had the honor of personally witnessing Dot's interactions with some of my former inner-city students who were angry and grieving at the time about a tragic death in the school community that was related to bullying. Dot was able to seemingly effortlessly win their trust and respect in an instant, lifting their spirits, validating their concerns and making them feel safe and welcome at The Peace Abbey. She also was able to facilitate great healing and empowerment among the group of students that was present. To this day, whenever I run into those former students who are now vibrant young adults, they still ask about Dot and if I have spoken with her lately, referring to her as "that really nice lady from The Peace Abbey who helped us." That is the formidable loving impression that Dot Walsh makes on everyone she encounters. She now works with the Family Health Delivery System (FHDS) in Massachusetts and continues to participate in many other worthwhile causes and projects. Aside from all of this wonderful and impressive background, Dot is also an extremely intelligent, talented, humble person who devotes her time and her many gifts to projects that better those within her community. Most recently, she has co-created and is co-hosting a fabulous educational program, called "Oneness and Wellness." On this program, based out of Dedham, Massachusetts, Dot and her co-host, Marcia Reddington-Lawton, interview those who are bringing "good news stories" into the world and introduce those who are actively working to better their own communities. It is an engaging and beneficial program that I highly recommend. I (Michelle Croze) will actually be a guest on the show discussing Harmony Way in an upcoming episode and am excited and honored to have the opportunity to work with Dot and Marcia, along with their producer, Dan Hallissey. For more information about "Oneness and Wellness" and for streaming videos of previous episodes, please feel free to go to: With all of this activity in her life, Dot Walsh has still managed to find the time to write a fantastic book about the incredible, life-changing experiences she had while working with inmates in the Massachusetts Corrections System years ago. FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS uses beautiful imagery, along with exceptional poetry and short stories to instill in the reader the feeling that one is actually there with Dot and the inmates, walking through the corridors of the prisons, finding hope along with them on their often challenging journey. EVERYONE can learn something from this book and gain an authentic sense of what finding light in a dark situation can mean. It is appropriate for teens as well as adults and introduces aspects of the brokenness of the corrections system in this country, along with the many healing journeys and inspiring small victories for human rights of some of its inmates in high-interest, creative ways that anyone can relate to and enjoy reading. I wholeheartedly recommend FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS and encourage you to read it. You will learn a lot and will certainly be moved by Dot's words, woven through stories, and poems. As soon as I began reading this book, I literally could not put it down. I was riveted and read it cover to cover as soon as I received it. I have since re-read it, as it is honestly just that engrossing and well-written. I imagine that many other people, particularly those who have worked with inner-city or at-risk populations, will also have a similar experience upon opening this book. For more information about FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS or to purchase this excellent book, please go to: : I promise if you read it, you will love it as much as I do! To learn more about Dot Walsh and her current projects, please go to:

To watch her program, "Oneness & Wellness," please click on the video below:

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