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June 2022 Harmony Way Newsletter

Harmony Way

June, 2022 Newsletter

By: Michelle Caron, Owner of Harmony Way in

Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA

Glitter Confetti Hearts

Welcome to the June, 2022 Harmony Way Newsletter!

June is the beginning of our much-loved berry season in New England. Soon people will be making strawberry shortcake and jam and enjoying cookouts, camping and time at our beaches. Even though many of the flowers of spring have already passed, more summer varieties are on the way...and everything is green and lush now.

There is something to celebrate every day of the growing season, as so much goes into the food we enjoy. Pollinators, enough (but, not too much) rain, fertile soil and a lot of serious outdoor work in all seasons make wholesome nourishment possible for so many. This June and every year, I am grateful for my own garden, for community gardens and for the many organic farmers across the world who grow amazing things to keep others fed. Thank you!


Balloon spelling the word, "love"



Harmony Way Virtual Yoga & Zumba Fitness Classes

Pre-Registration Necessary

You'll also need the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to participate with video.

It's free and simple to install/use.

Virtual Class

Next Free Virtual Event:

Drug-Free Core Shamanic Gathering

(Advance Registration Necessary)

To register, please send your name and email address to us at:

Date: Saturday, June 18th

1:00-3:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Zoom

This event is a supportive community of people sharing, communicating and meditating/journeying together. Those who are experienced at shamanic journey work/ceremony are welcome, as well as those with absolutely no prior experience. This is not a class/educational event, but rather an opportunity for growth, positive intention and healing with a like-minded group of compassionate individuals in a judgement-free, sacred space.

Harmony Way Virtual Home & Family Herbal Training Program

Harmony Way Virtual

Home & Family Herbal Training Program

*Prerequisite for

The Harmony Way Professional Herbalist Training Program*

More information about this program is here:

Over 60+ Hours of Herbal Education!

This program runs from March through December each year.

Harmony Way Virtual Professional Herbalist Training Program


The Harmony Way Virtual

Professional Herbalist Training Program

*Prerequisite: Harmony Way Home & Family

Herbal Training Program*

Over 350+ Hours of Professional Level,

Experiential Herbal Training!

Harmony Way Core Shamanic Healing and Counseling Training Program

Core Shamanic Healing & Counseling Classes:

More information about this training program

(and its need-based, BIPOC/AAPI scholarship) is here:

All years of classes for training begin in September


*Applications for the next first year class will be accepted until July 1st, 2022 or until available spaces are filled.*

Herbal Tea

Wishing you a healthy, joyful month!

This Month's Exercise Demos:

Group Exercise Class

[With Modifications]

(From: Juice & Toya)

(From: Body Project)

The above workouts are both totally appropriate for beginners AND those who are more advanced with exercise. There are modifications for safety/comfort/beginning level toning in the dumbbell video. In the other video, this workout is done entirely, if you don't enjoy getting up and down off of the floor while exercising or can't easily do so, this could be a great option to try. It could likely be modified to be completed in a chair as well for anyone who prefers to do the exercises seated for the duration of the video.

*Always check in with your medical health provider for advice and guidance before starting a new workout program, being mindful of any existing conditions or injuries that you have, discussing these with a qualified medical professional prior to trying any workout.

This Month's Wellness Articles:


(From: Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center)

(From: NIH National Library of Medicine)

Above are two useful articles. One outlines the particular concern of ticks, their sometimes horrific diseases and the warmer months causing greater activity in their populations. There are some excellent reminders, tips and tricks in this Lyme Disease prevention article.

The other article is something that many people struggle with at some point in their lives, yet might not even realize that they have as a chronic condition. It's important to get testing done whenever new or out of the ordinary symptoms arise for us. This link shares a great deal of helpful information about what Vertigo is and what to look for/how it affects people.

When we educate ourselves, it can make us better able to then advocate for ourselves/our loved ones with medical professionals and others.

This Month's Yummy Recipe Links:

Vegan Bolognese Sauce

(From: Live Kindly)

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free

(From: From Scratch Fast)

Vegan Option, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free

I chose to offer you two savory dishes this month for a change. Though I personally have a sweet tooth, some people prefer savory dishes. If you are looking for a healthier version of hot dogs for your summer cookouts, above is one lentil-based option that you can make yourself. The other recipe is for a lovely aioli that can be made in literally minutes. Who doesn't love quick and easy flavor-boosting sauces? Will it turn out to be an "awesome sauce?" You will only find out if you make it. ;)

Spread Love

PS Grow something this summer. You won't regret it.

The pleasant realization that YOU grow as part of the process of nurturing something else and spending time immersed in nature is simply one of many benefits.


Copyright © *2022* *Harmony Way* All rights reserved.

Harmony Way Newsletter

Our mailing address is: Wilbraham, MA 01095


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