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April, 2022 Harmony Way Newsletter

Harmony Way

April, 2022 Newsletter

By: Michelle Caron, Owner of Harmony Way in

Wilbraham, Massachusetts, USA

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Welcome to the April, 2022 Harmony Way Newsletter!

With everything happening in the world at this time, it is more important than ever to create/maintain a self-care routine. This can come in many forms. It starts with being gentle with ourselves, while recognizing and respecting our own needs. This is extremely important. Doing what you can to support others when you can is wonderful. However, making time to rest and creating (and enforcing!) boundaries are also necessary practices if you are participating as a helper anywhere.

Wishing you an uplifting April that is filled with peace.

Please take good care, wherever you are in the world. You are needed. You are loved. You are appreciated.


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You can also check out the CALENDAR page on this website for upcoming events/classes/workshops.


Harmony Way Virtual Yoga & Zumba Fitness Classes

Pre-Registration Necessary

You'll also need the Zoom Cloud Meetings app to participate with video.

It's free and simple to install/use.

Virtual Class

Upcoming FREE Virtual Events

(Register With Michelle at Harmony Way)

With virtual classes and events, you can learn with me from anywhere in the world!

More free virtual events are on the way soon!

Stay tuned for them in next month's newsletter...

Harmony Way Virtual Home & Family Herbal Training Program

Harmony Way Virtual

Home & Family Herbal Training Program

*Prerequisite for

The Harmony Way Professional Herbalist Training Program*

More information about this program is here:

Over 60+ Hours of Herbal Education!

The current group of students began their first class in March. This program runs from March through December each year.

Harmony Way Virtual Professional Herbalist Training Program


The Harmony Way Virtual

Professional Herbalist Training Program

*Prerequisite: Harmony Way Home & Family

Herbal Training Program*

Do you crave more herbal wisdom? Do you love plants?

Do you want to feel a deeper connection to your calling and become a practicing herbalist?

Do you want to merge your love of nature and herbalism with a professional career that makes a positive difference in the world?

Then, this complete, two-year, professional-level training program may be an ideal match for you! Registration opens in April.

Over 350+ Hours of Professional Level,

Experiential Herbal Training!

Harmony Way Core Shamanic Healing and Counseling Training Program

Core Shamanic Healing & Counseling Classes, Years 1, 2, & 3:

(Only for those currently enrolled as students)

More information about this training program (and its need-based, BIPOC/AAPI scholarship) is here:

Classes for all years of training begin in September


Applications for the next year one class are now being accepted and will be due by July 1st, 2022.

Thank you.

Herbal Tea

Wishing you a healthy, happy month!

This Month's Exercise Demos:

Group Exercise Class

(From: POPSUGAR Fitness)

(From: Coach Kel)

So many people love to dance their cares away in fitness classes. Have you tried belly dancing? It's an intensive core workout that is also great for pelvic floor, hip and leg strength. (Plus, it's really fun!) Many people also enjoy Barre in various forms, which was created primarily from the movements that ballet dancers utilize to train. It is also an incredible core and whole body workout that is more challenging than it might look at first glance, focusing on toning and flexibility. You will definitely feel the burn with Barre!

*Always check in with your medical health provider for advice and guidance before starting a new workout program, being mindful of any existing conditions or injuries that you have, discussing these with a qualified medical professional prior to trying any workout.

This Month's Wellness Articles:


(From: NIH)

(From: National Institute of Mental Health)

In my own practice, I am not in any way a medical professional, but can certainly share the published advice of highly respected medical professionals and researchers with you. Above are two excellent articles that are helpful to apply as tools. As someone with several drug allergies, I can personally attest to how important it is to know what to do in the event that someone has a severe allergic reaction to a drug and what the signs are of that happening. It can truly be life-saving information.

Additionally, there is SO MUCH trauma in our world, stemming from a variety of experiences that are psycho-social, societal, grief/loss-oriented, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, individual, collective, generational, ancestral and unfortunately so many more types and origins. Assisting those recovering from trauma has been a major part of my work as a professional. The other above article shares what a trauma response is, how to recognize it, ideas to help cope, where to seek support and much more.

This Month's Yummy Recipe Links:

Vegan Bolognese Sauce

(From: Minimalist Baker)

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free

(From: Pasta-Based)

Vegan, Gluten-Free Option, Nut-Free

Do you like seasonal foods? Well, roasted beet hummus is sweet, savory, pink and pretty much perfect for spring! I have personally tried it and love it. FYI: Beets are nutritional powerhouses with anti-cancer properties and are loaded with minerals that the body needs. No worries -- if you don't love beets, you can omit them and use roasted carrots instead or just the plain hummus base, if you prefer. If you are looking for something else entirely different (with the continuation of the "cauliflower can replace everything" trend), the meatballs are a fun idea that offers a healthy, fresh take on an old favorite. Both recipes are pretty simple and could offer new flavors for you as we "spring" into the warmer months.

Spread Love

PS What makes you bloom? Leaning in for more of anything that helps you to grow, learn or heal is always beneficial (and often really fun as a bonus).

Do more of what you love. You're worth it!


Copyright © *2022* *Harmony Way* All rights reserved.

Harmony Way Newsletter

Our mailing address is: Wilbraham, MA 01095


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